BeGlobal is a center of expertise on Global Citizenship Education (GCE) that inspires, that connects, challenges and mobilizes education professionals and young people to build a more just and sustainable world. 


We believe in the power of young people because they are aware of the global challenges and of opportunities presented by our global connectivity. Young people who think critically and take action, individually and collectively, for a future of solidarity, justice and sustainability. That is what we, BeGlobal, are pursuing with our many partners. 


By active participation in the institutional dialogue at the national and international level we contribute to strengthening an enabling environment for Global Citizenship Education. 

 We conduct research on Global Citizenship Education ideas and practices. We regularly share the results through a variety of channels and formats, e.g. publications, conferences, training and innovative educational materials.   

 We inspire education professionals with tools, training, networking and events, and we stimulate critical thinking, exchange and collaboration between various GCE actors with a view to embedding Global Citizenship Education in the school system.  

 More broadly, we introduce the complexity of global challenges and interdependencies to young people and work on the opportunities they have to engage individually and collectively.  

 Global citizenship education, according to us 

We define Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in terms of two equally important pillars: expanding global consciousness and developing critical literacy. Together, they form the basis for fostering individual and collective engagement for a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. 

For BeGlobal, the two core values of GCE are: 

  1. GCE for global justice: GCE is viewed as a learning means to understand global challenges and interdependent relationships from a social justice perspective by tracing their historical, social, economic, technical and political roots.    
  2. Critical GCE: We consider GCE in its educational dimension as an education that must emancipate individuals and teach them to deconstruct the obvious and the ideas with which they are confronted.  This is done with an emphasis on open GCE, focusing on dialogue between different ways of looking at global citizenship and different responses to global challenges.   

BeGlobal is part of Enabel and is funded by the Belgian development cooperation.